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Rami is both attractive and gifted, though too modest to repeat such assertions here..

Dear People Viewing This Site Right Now,

Welcome to the official website of Rami Vamos. Here you will read many things about how great Rami Vamos is. We would like to begin by pointing out that the views expressed here do not come from Vamos himself. He is way too humble for that. Everything was written by a team of enthusiasts and was only tentatively approved by Vamos... In a very humble way of course. Isn't he the greatest?

All you need is a basic grasp of the point-and-click concept and within seconds you can read Rami's bios and reviews, watch video clips of his children's productions, view his handsome pictures, listen to MP3s of his guitar playing, and stay abreast of all of his upcoming events. Why not start by moving the little arrow up to the colorful Rami and Friends icon above? Click once and learn about all of the wonderful and educational programs that Rami writes, produces, acts in, and brings to young audiences all over the country. And if you have time, please teach Rami's father how to point and click so he can see the website as well.

The Large Team of Official Rami Vamos Enthusiasts
(Not him)